Why People Do What They Are Told?

Why People Do What They Are Told?

This is more evident now than every before.

Whom Shall You Serve?


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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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10 Responses to Why People Do What They Are Told?

  1. eldermike547yahoocom says:

    Down through the ages, in many places and times, many Christians have had “Put up or shut up” moments, and some for most of their lives, especially in lands where islam is the majority religion. And for almost two thousand years, not one of those times had anything to do with the “mark of the beast” as mentioned in the Book of Revelation, (I never said that this was what Christians were concerned of in the past; you are putting words in my mouth!) nor any events found there! Nor has the recent covid nonsense, the forced muzzle wearing, lockdowns, and other measures being poured upon us by most of the world governments!

    O yes, there is great evil afoot. The globalist plans, the hints, for those who connect the dots, they have given us in movies, newscasts, the Georgia Guidestones, in which one of the ten guidelines states a world population under 500,000,000 would be a great idea. None of this evil, nor any malevolent goals or plans the vile powers that be, that the globalists may have for the world’s nations today and tomorrow, has any reference to what we read about in the Book of Revelation! Sure, it may seem some of the verses fit, but that’s not proof, that that is the verse’s true meaning! Down through the ages, numerous are the “prophets” that knew they had the true meaning of those mysterious prophecies recorded in Revelation deciphered, thus they knew they were living in the “last days”. The only problem with their teachings, they were all wrong, 100% of the time. But now, the producers of this short video (“The “Put up or shut up” moment of 2021) know, they have it correct, what is going on in our lifetime, is all about the Mark of the Beast. In a few years, maybe a few decades, all this will pass, life will carry on, and if they survived, they will look back and realize, just like the multitudes before them, who were wrong about the “Mark of the Beast” and other prophecies found in Revelation, they too, were way off base, and thus, what they taught about it was truly just hogwash.

    You might want to read another perspective on the Book of Revelation, Jesus’ Olivet discourse, Daniel’s Seventy Weeks, and the historic vision of victory the Church of Jesus Christ has had down throughout history, which is found throughout the Bible.


    • revealed4you says:

      Christian SHOULD be aware of the “Mark of the Beast.”


      • eldermike547yahoocom says:

        Christians SHOULD be aware of what is written in the Book of Revelation! Consider this:
        “The Book of Revelation was written by John as he received it from the Lord Jesus. It was written to the Seven Churches in Asia after the tribulation had started. “I John, who am your brother, and companion in tribulation” (Rev. 1:9). “the time is at hand” (v.3). It was written to “show unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass” (v.1). For the Book of Revelation to have any relevance to the Seven Churches (other than just dealing with their strengths and weaknesses in chapters two and three), it had to be about their imminent future. The book clearly demonstrates this salient fact.
        If we were part of the Church of Ephesus or one of the other six congregations that received the epochal letter (that came to be known as the Book of Revelation) from John the Apostle, what would we conclude from these words …

        The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him, to shew unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass (Rev. 1:1).
        The time is at hand (Rev.1:3).
        Behold, I come quickly (Rev. 3:11).
        The things which must shortly be done (Rev. 22:6).
        Behold, I come quickly (Rev. 22:7).
        Seal not the sayings of the prophecy of this book: for the time is at hand (Rev. 22:10).
        And behold, I come quickly (Rev. 22:12).
        Surely I come quickly (Rev. 22:20).

        Would anyone of reason deduce that Revelation was intended for people living thousands of years in the future? Surely not. One of the hallmarks of Dispensational teaching is supposed to be its literal interpretation of Scripture. Therefore, if I were to write a letter to a Dispensationalist, saying, “Behold, I come quickly,” would he interpret that to mean thousands of years in the future?”
        “Israel, Rapture, Tribulation: How to Sort Biblical Fact from Theological Fiction”


      • “thousands of years”
        with the Lord…. a ‘thousand years’ is, literally, only ONE DAY…
        tht’s why Adam died b’fr he was 1000 yrs old….
        in the day that thou sinnest. thou shalt die
        so: in Heavenly terms, he, literally, died that very same day…..
        even if the return of Jesus Christ was, still, a thousand yrs off…
        that would mean that He would be coming back in three days after that prophecy….
        again: in Heavenly terms….a VERY SHORT TIME PERIOD….


  2. eldermike547yahoocom says:

    mister bickles: it would truly do you good, before you attempt to answer an author, who’s beliefs you are not familiar with, to at least familiarize yourself with his opinions on the subject you are attempting a rebuttal. I may not be a well-known author, but on this subject, I have already told you where you can find my opinion, my beliefs, and the references used in my study and research of the subject at hand. And yes, in my book, there is a clear and concise rebuttal already written, concerning your statement (hint: Chapter 2). Thus, I will not rewrite, what is already written for your review. Again, that place would be in my book “Israel, Rapture, Tribulation: How to Sort Biblical Fact from Theological Fiction.” Why not read it. Then, we could have intelligent correspondence, for you would know, or have a good idea of where I stand on the issue. You do not have to agree with me to read my book. I have read a lot of material; I did not agree with. But I did so, so I would not distort their viewpoint and present a valid argument against their stand.


    • opinion(s)….beliefs
      i’m only interested in what The Bible says;
      (and, to a certain extent, some of the ‘extra-canonical’ texts )
      so: the only ‘source’ i would go to, apart from The Bible, might be an expert in ancient languages…..
      and, maybe, a good, reliable Bible Commentary….
      that’s why i b’lv in a flat, stationary, dome-enclosed Earth with a small and localised ‘cosmology’ and a relatively close Heaven and Hell…
      b’cs: that is what The Bible says….


      • eldermike547yahoocom says:

        “opinion(s)….beliefs i’m only interested in what The Bible says..”

        Really? Seriously? Then why do some of your beliefs and opinions not come from the Bible? Sorry to burst your bubble mister bickles, but your “end time” “last days” doctrine, those few statements you have posted here, your interpretation of those verses are not found in the Bible. They are other men’s ideas, views, and opinions. You did not come up with them, but choose them from many sources, Bible Commentary’s, websites such as this one, its posts and information, sermons you have heard, and, unless you read only the Bible (which you have pointed out, you do read other sources), you picked up most or all your interpretation of “end time” events from numerous sources, not Scripture!

        I have a very good idea of your beliefs on the “end times” for I once also had a very similar viewpoint. And like you, and most others, our views on the “last days” did not come from an independent study of only the Scriptures. But was always based upon the views of others.

        “(and, to a certain extent, some of the ‘extra-canonical’ texts)”

        Extra-canonical texts? How do you know those books are “extra-canonical”? Where did you obtain that information…maybe…other books you have read perhaps? Where did your belief in a flat earth come from? Just from reading the Scriptures, apart from any other impute from any other sources…maybe it came from this website, Eric Debay’s information, or other sites and sources? I am guessing it did, as it did for me, a lot of other places. All I knew and believed was what I was taught since a child, the earth is a spinning ball flying through space. As I am sure you were taught. Or did you just come up with the belief in a flat earth only from reading the Bible? I seriously doubt that. That’s the same as your ideas about the “last days,” you did not come up with those ideas from only reading the Bible…they came from numerous places and sources which are not Scripture.


      • “How do you know those books are “extra-canonical”?”
        that’s what they are, commonly, called….
        but: there’s no satisfactory reason why they were excluded from Scripture/’canon’ ;
        espc. seeing as how some of them, like, for instance, the Books of Enoch and Jasher are amongst the Dead Sea Scrolls;
        “Where did your belief in a flat earth come from?”
        from The Bible;
        (once i knew what it was saying on this topic and once i knew how important it was)


  3. rjra11240233 says:

    Shalom, to you my Friend and Co-Minister in the Great Commission…

    This year an event took place in the halls of science that should have become headline news and was the stuff of science fiction. It happened in America. In a study conducted by the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in California, biotechnologists created the first confirmed case of a human-monkey hybrid embryo. Yes, you read that right – a human-monkey hybrid embryo.

    Here’s the story behind what took place: It was a joint project. The American team collaborated with a team from China, since China doesn’t have the same ethical restrictions on biotechnology as does the west. The scientists kept the human-monkey hybrid alive for 20 days – much longer than in all earlier attempts. 20 days represents about 20 percent of a monkey’s development in the womb. The embryos contained what analysts described as a shockingly high amount of human cells – about one-third of all cells. The human and monkey cells began ‘communicating’ with each other. Each affected and changed the other. The human cells began acting more like monkey cells and the monkey cells began acting more like human cells. After the study was complete, the human-monkey embryos were destroyed.

    The news provoked much controversy. Never had this been done before. One thing was clear – The line had been crossed. And once that happens, things rarely go back to the way they were before. And if it does go further, it means we will see the increased merging of man and animal – as well as the potential for the creation of new species.

    The news of the ‘monkey man’ is indeed shocking to most sensitivities. And yet it converges with biblical prophecy on several key points. Biblical end-time prophecy speaks of an end-time civilization that is, in many ways, unnatural. in the Book of Daniel, the fourth beast, typically understood as the civilization or state of the last days, is presented in the most unnatural terms.

    At the same time, one of the characteristics of the pagan world was the creation and worship of creatures which were part human and part animal. They were called ‘chimeras.’ We have witnessed a civilization that once knew God and that was once considered to be ‘Christian,’ now becoming increasingly post-Christian and anti-Christian. We would expect that culture to manifest aspects of pagan civilization. And so it has – only now it has the ability to fashion such images, not of clay and stone, but of DNA and life itself.

    Lastly, one of the pictures presented in biblical prophecy concerning the end times is that of a civilization that elevates itself to the status of god – man as God – as in the Antichrist. When that happens, man plays God. Altering the chain of life, combining it with other chains, manipulating it, transforming it, and creating altered forms of life – is playing God. Pride goes before a fall – and playing God never ends well. Instead of producing life, man brings forth death. Our civilization even has a parable concerning this – it’s called ‘Frankenstein.’

    We have something better – not man as God, but God as man, Jesus, Yeshua, Messiah. And instead of trying to be God, we worship Him and submit to His will. And by so doing we find life – true life and the purpose for which we were created. This month seek not your own way, but seek to find His will and follow it in everything you do. And may God greatly bless you as you do.

    Your brother and co-laborer

    in His love and service,


    • “monkey-men etc. ”
      the imbeciles committing these ATROCITIES are, doubtless, all b’lvrs in the BIG BANG, madly-spinning, wet-ball-rocket, space-monkey ‘religion’ of helio-hood-winkery and its ‘fellow-traveller’, neo-Darwinian nonsense ;
      if they believed in a flat, stationary, dome-enclosed Earth with a small and localised ‘cosmology’ and the imminent, physical nearness of both Heaven and Hell they wouldn’t even dare to commit such atrocities…..
      they would be, literally, SPEWING THEIR GUTs OUT in deadly FEAR of Almighty God….


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