False Teachings That Neutralises Christians?

The Rapture Myth Exposed

If you are to control a people the best way in doing so is to control their religion. This is what has been done for centuries. Those that hates God and the laws He wants us to live by have found out centuries ago that they have to change the peoples religion while keeping the outward appearance the same. In terms of Christianity, the meaning of what the Bible says has to change.

To change a nation’s religion to another would meet with resistance and not be successful in the long run. The people would secretly meet in other people’s home and continue with what they know to be the truth.

Military occupation of a nation is expensive, bloody and in the long run, end in failure – history has proven this. Controlling the people by military force and taxation is not the most cost effective way of doing it.

The first change in the church occurred in the early history of the Christian era. It was the Catholic church that incorporated the pagan religions of the Romans at the time and introduced it to the church. In this case, the pagans did change their religion, so you might think that I contradicted myself. Not really, as the pagans saw their religion in Christianity. Remember, if you were a pagan at the time of the Roman Empire, it was common that new gods were introduced, and along with it what that ‘god’ wanted you to do.

This short article is by no way implying to be a reference source of the changes made in the Bible but only an outline of what has taken place.

The evil people throughout history knew that certain changes had to be made if the Christians are to be enslaved and controlled.

Jesuits and flat earth conspiracy

One of the things that the Jesuits introduced was what is called the Rapture.

I know that you might think, ‘Are not the Jesuits Christians?’ No, they are not but like others in the churches, they think they are.

I’ll let this video introduce you to the Jesuits and then we’ll get back to the topic at hand (what neutralises Christians).

Jesuits Created The Secret Rapture

The control of Christians with the Rapture myth is that it creates, “This place is not my home” syndrome. When Christians believe in this, they have no reason to fight the enemies of Christ, they have no interest in even learning what is going on around them. This is exactly what the enemies of Christ want Christians to do – do nothing.

There are many other lies that are told us that has no biblical bases. We’ll go over them as time goes on. However, they have one goal and that is to keep Christians from knowing God. This is what was done with the flat earth theory (facts). Since we have covered this, we’ll cover other areas in the future.

Pastor Sheldon Emry on the Rapture Myth

Here is a sermon by Pastor Sheldon Emry given back in 1977. He is one of the few preachers who knew about the phony Rapture. I highly recommend you listen to him AND other sermons he has. On this Rapture Myth, make sure you listen to the other parts of the Rapture series. This can be found on the right side when you are on the YouTube channel.

For a copy of ‘The Rapture of the Wicked,’ as discussed in Emry’s sermon, Click Here.

Part 2 of the Rapture sermon (radio shows 4,5 and 6).

30 minutes in is where Pastor Emry gives evidence of some of the Great Tribulation that has already taken place. Most people don’t know this about history but they should; make sure you listen to this part.


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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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2 Responses to False Teachings That Neutralises Christians?

  1. i have to disagree;
    too much Biblical evidence for the ‘rapture’ ;
    in fact: i seen some material recently that it might, already, be in progress…..
    lost of children have been, inexplicably, ‘dropping dead’
    several from Amish communities in the US, IIRC…


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