Laser Test by The Discovery Channel

Laser Test by The Discovery Channel


author-rd  There was a laser test done by the Discovery Channel claiming that they proved the earth is a globe. Brian Mullins went into this and made comments on what they ‘proved.’ (Check out below to see the video.)

My Comments

We all know that the media lies and they do it big time. Well, we all know of the lies that media makes in all areas of the news. So, it would not be a surprise that the Discovery Channel did the same thing. There is too much money riding on the globe earth to admit to the truth that the earth is flat. Just think about it the money made by space agencies. Then, there is the most important reason why there is a cover up and that is by having people believe in a heliocentric universe, which supports a belief in evolution, which in turn supports a belief in there is no God. While it’s true that there are people who believe in a globe earth with billions of planets and still believe in God, it goes without saying that a heliocentric belief makes it easier for people not to believe in God.

You can bet that some individual from the film crew moved the laser just a fraction of a degree in order to have the light show about 6 feet higher. This would be so easy to do. I could, for example, do the same filming and have the laser moved even more, and, thus, show the laser higher on the boat. I could put a large board up and who the light at a 10 foot level, for example. All of this could be done by one of two ways: 1) Have the laser on the shore at a higher angle; 2) Have someone close by pointing the laser at the 10 foot mark – but not showing this guy in the video clip. And thus, I can ‘prove’ that the earth is globe BUT also using this as ‘proof’ that the earth is smaller than what it is. In other words, it’s very easy to fool the public. If we have true Christians in all walks of life there would not be this lying and deceiving. But since we have people that are subject to bribes or are not Christians themselves, or people who say they are Christians but are ‘just doing their job,’ we’ll continue to have deceit and lies in the media, government and the educational system.

Now, for those who think that the media never lies or does not lie concerning such major stories as the shape of the earth, let’s consider looking at this video from another angle – one of logic.

The guy in the video, who was part of the Discovery Channel program, said it made him rethink of the shape of the lake. If he thinks that the earth is truly globe, which he most probably did before the program, the laser test made it more convincing for him. This shows how easily people are fooled.

People who view this video thinks that the laser test is ‘proof’ that the earth is a sphere, why don’t they ask themselves other questions – including the captain of this boat? If there was a 6 foot curve in the lake (a the 3 mile distance they measured), then why didn’t this guy think of how hard it would be to go up a ‘hill of water’? Why didn’t he think how easy it would be to go down a ‘hill of water’? Why didn’t he ask himself why the curve does not reveal itself when look out across the lake or looking out a greater distance – such as the ocean? But, I guess, that requires too much thinking?

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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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2 Responses to Laser Test by The Discovery Channel

  1. Ferris says:

    Well done for showing media lies when it does not like the truth. They measured the laser to ensure it was horizontal, something you need to lie about. It is so sad to see other Christians needing to bring down the wonders god has created in creating this universe, you want to shrink his creation to a minuscule to feel important.


  2. ing says:

    The Laser test done by the Discovery Channel was pretty accurate. If you had a ninth grade education you would be able to calculate the elevation angle of Polaris. This would reveal the latitude you happen to be standing on. That’s right dude, the curvature of the earth from the equator to where you stand. This was the foundation of Celestial Navigation and Navigators and Mariner around the world discarded Flat Earth. There was no conspiracy, just smarter people.


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