False Flag: Berlin Truck Attack

False Flag: Berlin Truck Attack

On the 19 December, 2016, there was a truck attack in the Christmas market in Berlin, Germany. Immediately what comes to mind is the truck attack in Niece, France. But is this a false flag? Is this fake news caused by the major media? There are some things to make people question this.

Here are some things to consider:

  • no sign of scared people running around
  • no sign of people running to the scene of where 12 people were killed and 50 people injured
  • lack of pictures and videos
  • lack of people helping people
  • lack of dead and injured people

What I did see made me suspicious. With one out of every couple of people walking around with a mobile phone that takes pictures and videos, why aren’t there many different pictures of what happened?

I did see a video of people walking away, hand in hand, from the scene. People would either be rushing to the scene or running away but I saw people walking in both directions. I also saw people walking among the rubble as if nothing was wrong. They just walked over it. This would not happen if scores of people were run over. Now, if there was an attack people would be upset, they would be helping others or quickly getting away so as not to be attacked themselves AND to make the way clear for police.

Any time there is a crowd of people that were attack, there would be others there taking pictures before the police got there. After all, the people are already there to either helps others or to photograph the scene for news media to pick up.

Then, I saw an ariel view of the truck on the highway along with the market and the walkway it was said it travelled down. I looked and saw what looked like a Christmas tree decoration right in the middle of where the truck was suppose to have passed. This was not real a Christmas tree or an imitation one, but something that looked like a plastic form of it. Regardless, this stood upright and was right where the truck was suppose to have travelled. I just kept this in the back of my mind. Then I saw a 10 minute video clip – taken at ground level – where I saw other decorations of this exact decoration. So, how can this decoration that was right in the middle of the path of the truck remain standing? (This was shown about 4 minutes in to the video.)

Click Here to see the video.

Where are the photos and videos of the paramedics helping the injured and taking away the dead. The area would be cordon off but people could still take pictures. There should be a ton of pictures. But just like in the Orlando, Florida queer shooting there are very few. The one I saw was one was a guy helping a lady who was sitting on the pavement – nothing bloody, no sigh of pain. Just like in the Orlando shooting where I saw two guys helping another one with no sign that the guy was in pain.

There should have been many pictures and videos of the injured and dead – but where are they?

Table leaning against the truck

Then there was a table or board that was leaning against the truck’s tires. Now, if a truck or car hits something, like a table, it would either be run over or it would be pushed off to the side – depending on where it was hit and how hard. But this table was sitting plainly against the the tires of the truck. How can this be? I’m just questioning everything.

The conclusion by others is, that this similar object could not be where the truck just was without it being either smashed or pushed off to the side.

Woman on a guernsey

Did you see the picture of a woman being carried away by a paramedic? She looked like she was very comfortable. Now, if you need to be carried away you would have had some kind of injury and thus be in some kind of pain. But if you are a crises actress, you can just attribute that to bad acting.

Is the drive dead or alive?

I read in one news paper that the drive of the truck was killed. Then I read in another newspaper that they arrest a suspect but released him as there was no proof that he was the driver. Now which was it? Was he killed or is he still on the lose. The media is telling us “now” that he is on the lose.

I thought, if this is blamed on the Muslims but it’s really a false flag, wouldn’t this be against what the world rulers want? Why create an event and make people believe that the Muslims did it, or a Muslim did, it when they really want all these people in the country?

First and foremost, I don’t put it past some radical Muslim doing this but I thought, what’s the purpose of creating a false flag event when no Muslim had anything to do it it? But I have a theory and it’s a theory only, but I thought, as I did with the Niece, France truck attack, that it’s to stir up the people. That if they can get the French, or, in this case, the Germans to physically attack the Muslims, it would be an excuse for the government to bring in martial law and to take more of our freedoms away.

What gets me is that other Patriotic people are quick to agree with the media. Yet, they know that the media puts out fake news and lie in general. They (Alex Jones, for example) also know that there have been false flag events. So, why don’t they examine a mass killing first to see if it’s real or a staged event. Anyhow, there are some Christian/Patriots are exposing this these false flag events.

Do your own research. There are now many false flag Berlin truck incidents online now. Here is another one for your consideration, Click Here.

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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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