Is Human Philosophy to Supersede Divine Revelation?

False preacher Benny Hinn.

False preacher Benny Hinn.

Is the prescriptive applause of centuries to render us insensible to the inquiry whether God or man is to be trusted? If the earth be indeed a globe, then the whole history of the flood is palpably imperfect and untrue. Unless the earth were a plane, Moses invented all the particulars connected with the event, from the beginning to the end. “Forty days and forty nights” rain could not have half flooded as many acres; and when, somehow or other, the waters did “cover the earth” and “the tops of the highest hills,” they could not possibly have dispersed again by any means which the most scientific skill could account for or devise. “Oh, the sun and the wind dried it.” Why, then, has not “the sun and the wind” dried up the seas during the space of nearly 6000 years? No; these waters have not diminished by one single hogshead since the day the flood was at its height! The rain of the “forty days and forty nights” merely helped by its weight to submerge the plane of the earth below the level of “the great deep;” and the flood therefore consisted of the irruption of the salt water from the ocean, and not, as is supposed, of the fresh water from the sky. The sea-sand, the sea-shells, and shingle which are found hundreds of miles inland prove this. Then, at the end of so many days, “God made a strong wind to pass over the earth,…and the waters returned” – mark the expression “returned” – “from off the earth continually.” They could not have “returned” from off a globe, unless we could see the waters stacked up into mountains, with the dry earth lying at their base. When the weight of the water was displaced by the hight wind, the earth rose again like a submerged vessel, and its surface was drained of its moisture like the decks of a ship heaved up from beneath.

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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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