Eric Dubay Exposed

Flat Earther Eric Dubay Exposed

Today I came across a video that is on Eric Dubay’s YouTube site that is titled: Jesus Never Existed. This is actually made by someone else which Eric thought was good. This shows his true colors. Of course we knew he was not a Christian but to actually deny that Christ existed shows the true colors of Dubay.

Then, a couple of minutes later I came across another video that shows Eric Dubay’s connection with the ruling elite in Taiwan. This is really revealing and exposes him.

Now, you may wonder, as I did, why does he say he’s a truth seeker and fighting the NWO order when his future father-n-law is part of it? Well, as the Jew Lenin said many years ago, in order to control the opposition you be it.

I have to admit that I did learn about the flat earth from Eric Dubay’s videos and they were well done. And he did put out a lot of material on the flat earth and even written a book on the subject (though half of it was a copy from an old flat earth book).

For someone who claims to seek the truth, for someone who knows what the enemy has been doing and knowing about conspiracies in general, be believes the lie that Jesus Christ never existed! This is what the New World Order wants everyone to believe. Now, for Dubay who says he is fighting the NWO this is a big lie.

I can only guess why he put out all this flat earth information and that is, for the NWO to collect information as to who supports it. It’s like the old tactic of giving the people some truth but in the most important areas, give them lies. The truth area is telling people that the earth is flat and stationary but the lie area is telling people that Christ never existed or, that He is not God in the flesh who came to save us from our sins.

There is a link to the “Christ Never Existed” video (so you can verify that Dubay did put this up). Click Here. But don’t waste your time watching it. And, there is the embedded video (below) of Eric Dubay Exposed that you might want to see. It’s about 14 minutes long.

This gives me all the more drive to bring Bible truth along with the flat earth at: And this Bible truth includes topics that the mainline churches do not carry – because it’s not “politically correct.”

Again, I thank you for taking time and following this website.

About revealed4you

First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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3 Responses to Eric Dubay Exposed

  1. Bruce Winship Wright says:

    If you love Jesus, please read a 100 year old book entitled GOD-MAN: THE WORD MADE FLESH by Dr. George W. Carey. You can read it for free online too. While I was always a Christian and thought I loved Jesus, it wasn’t until I read this book that I discovered “WHAT” Jesus actually is. Now, I love Jesus FAR more than ever before and my life has changed, dramatically, for the better.


  2. Daniel says:

    I also appreciate Eric D for the truths that he has shared. My heart broke for him when he showed his disbelief in our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. As a truth seeker, I believe he may have never heard the Gospel, which is the power of God unto salvation. God is gracious to us all and I believe, he too will come to here the truth that sets all man free indeed


  3. Cliff says:

    I pray that Eric will find the Truth before he leaves this life. “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” John 14:6


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