Landing a Satellite On An Asteroid

Rosetta Mission: More Bull From The European Space Agency

There was a recent so-called landing of a probe on the asteroid called Phiae. I came across a one hour talk on this and I thought: I really hate to listen to this but I guess I should in order to find out what detailed bull they are telling others. Well, as I learned it was more lies than what you heard on the one minute exert they had on most TV news coverage. So, here goes and get ready for some good laughs.

asteroid-rosetta   This launch of the “Rosetta Mission” occurred 12 and a half years ago. And, were told that the asteroid is 3.7 billion miles away. One girl in the audience asked what kind of fuel it took and the “scientist” said it was two fuels – one of which he didn’t remember. Anyhow, he said that it ignites without oxygen and without a spark. Now this is really amazing – IF such a thing exists. But I see other problems with this that I’ll discuss shortly.

Limit to the Amount of Fuel a Satellite Carries

We are told that because of the distance from the sun the solar panels were only able to get 4% of the energy and the man said it was barely enough to keep the fuel from freezing. With such cold temperature “that we are told” so how can so little energy be enough to keep the fuel from freezing?

As for the fuel – IF such a fuel exists – the other problem is, how can it carry enough fuel to last 12 years! What kind of miles per gallon does it get? Then, look at the amount of volume is required to carry all that fuel! Look at the amount of weight would be required! Each gallon weights about 7 pounds (if my memory is correct). There is some math ratio that says you can only carry so much in fuel and that is it. With the photo (CGI) provided, there is simply not enough room for thousands upon thousands of gallons of fuel. In fact, I don’t see any place where there can be fuel storage – at least not more than a gallon or two.

There is a math formula that states there is a limit in the amount of fuel any flying object can carry. The more fuel you carry, the larger and more powerful the engine to carry the weight until you reach a limit and you won’t get off the ground.

If the satellite got 50,000miles/gallon (wow!) look at how many thousands of gallons would be needed; look at the weight. This is pretty good mileage for this weight – even if it just weight 100 pounds. If they got 1 million miles/per gallon it would still be 3,700 gallons of fuel.

Gravity Fling

The scientist went to say that it took “three orbits around the earth to get enough fling to shoot it out.” Oh, really! How did they get the satellite back to start all over again? What kind of science is it when you have to depend on a “fling of gravity?” Then, we were told that it took another “gravity fling” around Mars to give it a further push.

Bouncing Off the Asteroid

The speaker at the front of the small group of people said the probe bounced off the asteroid three times before it landed. The first two just “bounced back.” Hey, I know I’m using a lot of “scientific words” but these are the words of the “scientist” or “professor” that was speaking. Lol.

So, we are told that the probe just bounced off the surface. They would have us believe that the whole probe was made of rubber! It’s amazing it didn’t crash in 1,000 pieces, as when it did land for the third time everything was OK and it’s sending back photos (they got 80,000 so far).

At another time we were told that the probe landed at “walking speed.” IF this was the case, why did it “bounce” back in the first place? It should have just landed there – plop! The picture of the landing didn’t show anything broken – amazing.

In another video I saw, it was told that the asteroid was composed of dust in frozen water. Yet, in the 40 minute video I saw, we were told that there are gasses emitting off the surface. Why not steam? Besides, IF it was frozen water, this would have been world news in itself. And why, in the 40 minute video we were told that it’s made of rock? Rock is NOT frozen water and it’s not dust trapped in frozen water.

Such are the lies that we are told by world space agencies.

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